Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One Giant Leap

Well, I did it.  I'm moving to Australia.  After contemplating and researching for so long it all happened a bit fast in the end.  I decided to do a booking with First Abroad for their Absolute Oz Jobs program.  They'd help me with a bank account, place to stay for my first week, job search database, figure out my phone/SIM card situation - all those things that I could do myself but could probably do faster with them.  So I booked that and realized that ticket prices weren't going to get any cheaper.  Every time I checked they had gone up and if I'd booked my Oz Jobs program I'd better buy a ticket because March was coming up fast!  So, on my 25th birthday I bought a ticket to Sydney.

I'll be honest, I'm a bit terrified sometimes at the prospect.  And yes, sometimes I just try not to think about it at all...  Everyone asks me why I'm going and I don't really have one good, solid reason why.  I have tons of reasons, lots of little things and thoughts that added together made me take this leap.  But one good reason?  Nope.  So I just tell people I'm going because I can.  And that's partly true, so I just leave it at that. 

Move (verb)

1. to pass from one place or position to another.
2. to go from one place of residence to another.
3. to advance or progress
4. to have a regular motion, as an implement or a machine; turn; revolve.
5. to sell or be sold

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